Crystaring Lighting Glassware Mfy.Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of various glass parts for lighting use and complete glass lamps as well.Through our great efforts of 12 years and with the support of our customers, we have developed into a group company, the biggest in China in the field, producing spun glasses, pressed glasses, opal mouth-blown glasses and crystal parts.

As a supplier to the international market, we lay greatest emphasis on quality assurance and punctual delivery. A testing order will prove that.
We are proud of our highly professional technicians and efficient staff,who are able to carry out your project with professionalism.

What we are showing in the web site is just a small and representative part of the production,many more models are available on enquiry. You are also welcome to send your own models and we are ready to specially produce for you with most accuracy.

Our further development relies on your support, your partnership would be highly appreciated !











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